Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just updating!

Chase was baptized on his 8th birthday (January 22). It was such a special day for our family. Congrats Chase on a great decision!

Kate has been begging me everyday to "Run in the rain with her boots"...

2nd Grade Open House. Chase and his teacher, Mrs. Johnson.

Kate loves to go to "Chasey's school"

I can't wait until she is 16!!!!

Chase's first Blue and Gold Banquet as a cub scout. He and Hank had to bake and decorate a cake together (without the help of mom!)...they did a good job and they even cleaned up the mess!

Chase earned his Bobcat award at the banquet!

I had to include a picture of Nolan in all his camo gear...always an adventure on the vacant lot!

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Elke Ek said...

Your kids are SO cute:) congrats on the baptism...thats awesome, wish we could have been there:) Let us know when you come out to Cali and maybe we can meet up:)
Elke and fam